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6-14th June 2015

Animal welfare campaign in Leticia

During 4 days another animal welfare campaign was conducted in the city of Leticia during which 94 domestic animals (the majority being stray dogs and cats) were sterilized and 113 dewormed and vaccinated. The event was sponsored by the Foundación Entropika and medical veterinary Carolina Briceño Veloza and logistical support from Amacayacú National Park.

Pictures of the campaign can be seen here.

5-8th June 2015

First National Animalist Congress in Risaralda, Colombia

Event during which animal defenders from different regions of the country shared organizational experiences, socialized national animal protection proposals and created solidarity alliances. The congress was organized by the Mayor of Dosquebras, Fundación Protectora de Animales de Dosquebradas, Vidanimal, Paramatma, Ecovida and Amor Animal. There, Angela socialized the use of monkeys in malaria research in Colombia and the progress of popular action.

Press release for the State Council of Colombia drafted during the event.

More information and pictures here.

1-5th December 2014

III Colombian Symposium of Primatology

Within the framework of the IV Colombian Congress of Zoology in Cartagena, the Asociación Primatológica Colombiana, Fundación Proyecto Tití and Fundación Entropika, advanced the discussion group: "Primatology in Colombia: Achievements, Challenges and New Directions" with the participation of Dr. Russell Mittermeier and Colombian primatologists. Among the conclusions and progresses, a working group was established to advance a plan of action that defines strategies for the conservation of Colombian primates.

More information and pictures here.

30th October 2014

A minga for water

Short documentary on the construction of a raft used for providing clean water to the indigenous Tikuna community of San Martín de Amacayacú, Amazonas, Colombia. This initiative was done by the Foundations Entropika and Ancla together with the collaboration of the community during 4 days of "minga", a communitarian work method which is part of the cultural tradition of indigenous groups of the Amazon.

More information on the project can be found here and pictures of the construction of the filters can be found here.

30th July 2014

Freeze-dried yellow chilli in the shops of the Wingham Wildlife Park

In an attempt to reduce pressure on natural resources Entropika and the Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent, UK, are looking for sustainable economic alternatives that might help to replace the income obtained by local people from the trade of wildlife. In November 2013, Entropika won a public benefit law suit (popular action) using night monkeys as flagship species that were live caught for the malaria research market. Currently, trapping permits were revoked by the highest Colombian Court. Although this represents a milestone ruling that improves ecosystems conservation in the Colombian Amazon, many indigenous families that were trapping the monkeys have lost this income. Entropika, with the support of the Wingham Wildlife Park, are looking for ways to commercialise the freeze-dried yellow chilli pepper, a high quality and completely organic product. If together we can guarantee the long term commercialization of the yellow-chilli, we will involve the families of ex-collectors of night monkeys in this project and guarantee an alternative income for them.

The chilli can be bought online from the Wingham Wildlife Park's website here.

21st July 2014

The Aotus Project in Yale Environment 360

Primate Rights vs Research - Battle in Colombian Rainforest:

"A Colombian conservationist has been locked in a contentious legal fight against a leading researcher who uses wild monkeys in his search for a malaria vaccine. A recent court decision that banned the practice is seen as a victory in efforts to restrict the use of monkeys in medical research." by Chris Kraul.

Click here to read the full article.

More info on the Aotus Project can be found here.

14th May 2014

Interview of Angela Maldonado for Nocturna RCN

Who is Angela Maldonado? The conservationist who holds the research of Manuel Elkin Patarroyo in check:

"RCN Nocturna interviewed Angela Maldonado, founder of Fundación Entropika, who defends primates of the Colombian Amazon from being used as guinea pigs in biomedical research. The primatologist announced that on May 26, 2014, authorities will verify the implementation of the sentence of the State Council concerning the case of the scientist Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, who was questioned for capturing monkeys."

29th November 2013

State Council's final sentence protects owl monkeys and their habitats revoking hunting permits

The second instance ruling of the State Council (Consejo de Estado) of Colombia, revoked the hunting permits of owl monkeys (Aotus vociferans) for malaria research that were granted to the Foundation Institute of Immunology of Colombia (FIDIC). The sentence adheres to the first instance ruling issued by the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca (Popular Action No. 25000232400020110022701, filed by the primatologist Dr. Angela Maldonado and the solicitor Gabriel Vanegas).

Magistrate Enrique Gil Botero protected the collective rights regarding administrative morality as well as the sustainable use of natural resources in border areas, focusing in the conservation of owl monkeys. In addition, he ordered environmental authorities to regulate repopulation fees, as established by law.

"The courtroom emphasized that the decision is not an attempt to undermine scientific research in the country, but that, for the use and exploitation of animals by humans, it is necessary to comply with legal requirements and to ensure they are not subject to cruel and degrading treatments".

The sentence of the State Council, which orders the creation of a verification committee in order to guarantee compliance to the judgment, sets out a new challenge for Entropika's team as member of this committee: ensure the implementation and fulfillment of the sentence. For example, if a new permit is granted, the FIDIC is obliged to implement a captive breeding program of the species it wants to use.

We believe the decision to be a historic achievement for the conservation of Colombian wildlife and their ecosystems. It also makes it clear that we can still put our hopes in the Colombian judicial system, and we wholeheartedly welcome the decision of the State Council. Fundación Entropika once again would like to convey its gratitude for the continuous and unconditional support of the following institutions and individuals, who joined our cause for the last five years:

  • Funding institutions: The Whitley Fund for Nature, The Rufford Small Grants, Rainforest Concern, WWF - EFN, The International Primate Protection League (IPPL – US), The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV - UK), The Kilverstone Charitable Trust, and The American Society of Primatologists.
  • Campaign and institutional support: Tikuna communities in Colombia and Peru. The Colombian Primatological Society, The National Police (Leticia), San Marcos University and CITES Peru, The European Parlament, The DuMond Conservancy, The International Primatological Society, The European Federation for Primatologists, The Poruguese Primotological Society, ProWidlife, and the team of the senator Jorge Londoño. We would also like to thank Colombian journalists for the objective publishing of the State Council’s ruling.
  • Logistics and relevant documents: National University of Colombia (Bogota): Claudia Brieva, Prof. Thomas Defler and Marta Bueno. Universidad Javeriana: Dr. Manuel Ruiz. Andes University: Dr. Pablo Stevenson. Oxford Brookes University: Prof. Simon Bearder. Amacayacu National Park: Eliana Martínez and Alex Alfonso.
  • Individuals: Lina Pelaez, Xyomara Carretero, Dr. José Arturo Gutiérrez, Dr. Sian Evans and Dr. Robert Cooper, Dr. Eduardo Fernández-Duque, Dr. Mika Peck, Martin Stanley, Jaime Maldonado, Thomas Lafon, Catherine Bearder, Jairo Osorio and Entropika’s volunteer team.
  • Research permits: Colombian Park system, Ministry of Interior of Colombia and Ministry of Agriculture of Peru.

Click here to see the State Council's ruling, here to see the full version (in Spanish), and here to see an article in El Espectador.

10th October 2013

Test flights of the DJI Naza quadcopter

The GoPro Hero3 camera mounted on the DJI Naza quadcopter was tested in Europe before being taken to Colombia, where it will be used in a study that aims to develop an intelligent process used for the automatic taxonomic identification of prominent tropical tree species from very-high resolution aerial imagery in the Southern Colombian Amazon. The multi-rotor device was built by Dr. John Murray of Lincoln University, UK, and donated by Dr. Mika Peck of the University of Sussex, UK. More info on the project can be found on our projects page.

11th September 2013

The Aotus Project at the European Federation for Primatology, Antwerp, Belgium

Entropika presented the latest updates on the research and legal case of the Aotus Project at the 2013 congress of the European Federation for Primatology (EFP), in a presentation entitled "The Role of Primate Conservation to Fight the Illegal Trade in Primates: The Case of the Owl Monkeys in the Colombian - Peruvian Amazon". The EFP has shown their support by writing a letter to the Judiciary system in Colombia, where the popular action in favour of the conservation of Owl Monkeys and against their trafficking in the Amazon, is currently being studied by a magistrate who is preparing the second instance ruling.

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