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Whether through the spread of zoonotic diseases or predation of wildlife, overpopulation and uncontrolled reproduction of dogs and cats in Leticia and its surrounding communities pose a threat to wild animal populations and are hazardous to human health.

This issue directly stems from a non-existent culture of responsible pet ownership and empathy towards animals. Furthermore, very few animal cruelty cases are prosecuted, mainly due to the fact that local police are not properly trained for handling such cases and prosecutors are not well-versed in animal protection laws; not to mention that animal abuse is simply not deemed a priority.

Entropika is leading a campaign to reduce the suffering of domestic animals in Leticia and its surrounding indigenous community by cultivating a culture of responsible pet ownership, performing spay and neuter surgeries to control cat and dog populations, and building capacity of local law enforcement entities. Increasing compassion and empathy for domestic animals also has the potential to achieve the same results towards wild animals.


Entropika’s veterinary team offers high-quality spay and neuter surgeries on a sliding scale all year round, as well as teams up with other animal welfare organizations in Colombia to carry out intensive three-day sterilization clinics that target areas with the most need.


Currently, Entropika’s team sterilizes around 500 dogs and cats annually from marginal neighbourhoods of Leticia and indigenous communities, and each year we extend the scope of our interventions.


Our Animal Welfare project includes an educational component, which involves giving talks to classrooms to increase understanding of responsible pet ownership with topics such as appropriate care, food, shelter, health, companionship, and the laws regarding animal protection.


Capacity-building workshops are held for the administrative, police, and judicial agencies from the municipalities of Leticia and Puerto Nariño on animal protection legislation and procedures to strengthen the enforcement of these laws.


In 2019, the city council of Leticia approved a public contract Entropika wrote detailing citywide programs to improve animal welfare and guarantee the protection of animal rights in Leticia since, in order to make a long-lasting impact, it is crucial for the local government to get involved in such on-going programs.


We are now working with the municipal administration and the city veterinary staff providing technical assistance and human resources to implement these programs, which range from free spay and neuter campaigns to the construction of a city animal shelter.

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